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HELLO My Name Is : (Insert Data Here)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

By now you could probably call 2015 the Year of Personal Data. No more of this Big Data stuff, nope, the internet wants to talk to you specifically. Marketers, as a whole, have eagerly jumped to capture all those cookies and find the best way to talk to their potential and existing client base.

We know we can capture a segment of data about a visitor when that individual is on your site, and begin to market to them on the web pages they visit moving forward. An ad network, like Google’s, identifies them as a part of your remarketing audience, using your personalization segment data, and shows that person an ad for your best-reviewed product by your past customers. Hopefully that ad, or the next, will light the fire that leads the person back to your site to buy those (items).

But what if it doesn't?

Remarketing has power. The audiences that are part of the data have power. But no-one super hero relied on his Xray vision alone.

Dr. Marten, the staple for any 80s-90s teen and punk rock kid, is launching a data experiment utilizing persona capture. To be able to send an email, to a prospect that has visited specific pages allows the brand to target interests and not "spam" the customer. By sending a custom message linking to the products that they visited, it shows the consumer that the brand is focused on the information most relevant to them.

Brogan Savage, global digital marketing manager for Dr. Martens, said: “Previously we had very little flexibility when it came to personalisation. These limitations meant we could only really segment by gender and region.”

She added that the brand’s customers widely vary, and that “batch and blast just doesn’t cut it any more”.

“This is much too broad an approach to marketing, especially in 2015,” she said. “Now we’ll use behavioural data (as well as certain demographic data such as gender and location) to serve up much more relevant email marketing to our customers.”

Another brand embracing the product customization messaging is Burberry of London. They recently created a scarf bar, which allows customers to come in and select a scarf and then customize it. The burberry.com site will also allow some customization, thus capturing more data to combine with that garnered from email sign-ups and form completions.

The ads will display scarves appropriate to the weather and the time depending on where in the world they are viewed, revealing a new design each time the ad is viewed by a specific consumer.

CEO and chief creative officer Christopher Bailey credited “continued outperformance globally from digital” for the strong results, adding that the brand would introduce “more personalised service and targeted and responsive marketing behaviour” through retail, digital, marketing and its customer value management (CVM) programme."

The initiative gives consumers regular one-to-one personalized communication with associates and “top consumers” including invitations to events and product suggestions.

My personal favorite thing as a consumer is the experience a brand puts into targeting me. When I get an email that starts off with "Hello Gorgeous," which then mentions I left that lipstick and eye palette in my cart, and includes video suggestions on tutorials for a smoky eye, then I know that brand has paid attention, and deserves my money. I know from experience that it takes time to create that, and from a consumer experience it matters to me.

More than just getting the basic "specs" on a product, giving me a solution, an answer, or targeted help to make sure I get the best results from a product is going to establish my brand loyalty.

So, with the advantage of personalization, marketers can direct more relevant and meaningful marketing to a more specific set of individuals, who are more inclined to make a purchase or connect with a business.


Charity Ravn

Written by Charity Ravn

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