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Time to Go Native

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Native advertising is not necessarily new, but the recent launch of Yahoo Gemini has brought it back into the spotlight. What exactly is native advertising? It is so much more than just the latest industry buzzword. In simple terms, native advertising is a form of online advertising consisting of paid content that aligns with the publication style and tone of the given platform where the ad exists, and blends into that.

Why might you use native advertising, and how can it impact your business? When scanning through content on a website, it is easy for viewers to ignore and block ads and banners. Through native advertising, it is possible to reach more customers, as they will see the ads as a part of the content, therefore not taking away from the user experience. In comparison with traditional banner ads, native ads draw much higher click through rates. As more and more marketers are realizing these advantages, spending on native advertising has skyrocketed.

Yahoo Gemini is a platform that combines both search and native advertising. It helps marketers reach mobile consumers through tailored and targeted native ads. With Yahoo’s massive mobile user base, this is certainly something worth considering. Through Gemini, native ads appear across all Yahoo products, and they automatically adapt to the device type, whether mobile, computer, or tablet. It makes it simple for marketers to buy, manage, and optimize their native and mobile search ads all in one place.

To get the most out of Yahoo Gemini, it is absolutely essential to have a solid understanding of your audience. You can create ads targeting a broad audience to build brand awareness, or by knowing what products or information your audience is interested in, create completely customized ads that target a specific audience.

 When used correctly, Yahoo Gemini has the power to provide marketers with a complete picture of how their advertising efforts are actually performing. This is ultimately what marketers want to know, so that they can take the appropriate action, and make impactful business decisions.

 If you are still finding your footing in the world of online marketing, and are looking for ways to jumpstart your business, reach out to the Big Squid team today for a consultation.



Scott Galvin

Written by Scott Galvin

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