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3 Must-Haves for Connecting Your Google Analytics to Domo

Friday, October 07, 2016

Google Analytics (GA) is an essential tool for any and every business. Not only does it provide valuable insight into the online behavior of your audience, but it also gives you a sneak peek into your best-performing content, allows you to set up goal and conversion tracking and much, much more.

But did you also know you can connect your Google Analytics metrics to Domo?

Domo allows you to pull all of your Google Analytics data into one, integrated dashboard inside your Domo Instance, allowing you to add context to your web analytics and leverage your data in ways you never before thought was possible.

By utilizing the Google Analytics connector within Domo, you can build analytics dashboards that allow you to view and visualize your data however you want, giving you the ability to organize your data in a way that works best for you. You can connect your performance metrics together to gain complete visibility into your campaigns, and identify key trends and behaviors among your visitors. The possibilities are endless.

Convinced yet? If so, follow these three must-haves for connecting your Google Analytics to your Domo instance.

1. The Appstore

Definitely start with Domo’s Appstore, where you’ll find multiple Google Analytics “QuickStart” apps that can be used to power up standard key metrics used by marketers to answer their business questions. These QuickStarts are amazing at producing complete dashboards with just the click of a button. In addition to the QuickStarts, there are other custom apps that measure things like Engagement, Revenue and Product performance. There are currently more than 10 apps just for Google Analytics in the Appstore.

2. Connectors

Get connected with Domo’s GA Connector. There you will be able to bring in DataSets around standard GA reports you want to see in Domo. Below is a list of 8 connectors that are current selections within Domo. 

  1. Base Metrics
  2. Campaign Metrics
  3. Device Metrics
  4. Location
  5. Mobile
  6. Product
  7. Social
  8. Traffic

3. Custom Data Sets

Domo can also set up custom data sets outside of the “Standard” reports from the GA connector. Many times, clients are tracking custom Dimensions, Conversions, Variables, and more inside Google Analytics. Clients can reach out to Domo Support to help get these additional custom data sets created and then use to create visualization and dashboards in Domo.

Google Analytics already provides you with valuable information about your site performance and campaigns, but Domo can provide you with dynamic visualizations that take your GA data to the next level.

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