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4 Things Your Business Intelligence Solution is Missing

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In recent years, organizations of all sizes are looking for more effective ways to proactively identify and monitor business trends and adapt accordingly in a timely manner. This is the heart and soul of Business Intelligence or BI.

With the right BI solution in place, you can improve decision making and management at all levels of an organization, gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, turn those insights into actions, and improve overall efficiency.

 In case you haven’t already discovered, there are many business intelligence tools available on the market, but what do you REALLY need in a high quality and meaningful BI solution for your organization?

 Perhaps, your organization is already using a particular tool, but what’s missing that’s preventing you from extracting crucial information for success?

 Today, we’ll answer this question in the context of the Domo platform, which is one of the top BI and analytics tools available.  

  1.  A way to collaborate across your organization

A good BI solution makes it easy for everyone from top executives to smaller teams to access, analyze, and update information anytime, anywhere, enabling better-informed and timely decisions across the board.

 The Domo Platform offers a way to collaborate directly with your peers and co-workers via Buzz. Domo Buzz is highly effective through the mobile application, as well as the desktop version. Users can discuss performance, answer questions, and collaborate on solutions or strategies based off of metrics right at their fingertips.

Buzz is also offered to all individuals in your organization, whether they have full access to Domo or not, so no one is left out of the conversation.


2. Customized solutions for every user to analyze

To glean any value from your BI solution, it should be simple for you to filter out the data that is irrelevant, and only see what metrics really matter to you.

Through security configuration options and recommendations based off of best practices, take your everyday metrics and apply filters, so each user can have a tailored platform and set of visualizations upon login to Domo.

No longer will your employees be inundated with data that they do not care about or is of lesser value. For example, your managers overseeing the Northwest division can log in and instantly see sales metrics for the Northwest division only, allowing them to navigate the platform and information with ease. 


3. Get alerted when a key metric changes and needs your attention

The best business intelligence solutions deliver real-time data, since the key to BI is making decisions based on the most current data, without which, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Therefore, it’s vital to know of any changes as soon as they occur.

 Leveraging alerts can enable all users to set alerts based off of key metric standards.  Using Domo, you’ll never miss an important change in your performance with alerts on your desktop, email, or mobile that prompt you to view your metrics, and take action right away. 


4.  Predictive modeling to drive proactive business solutions and conversations

Predictive analytics allows you to gain a competitive edge, in that you can use real data to identify valuable customers and improve retention rate, pinpoint areas where your competitors are failing, and make accurate predictions about the future of your business.

 Through the use of Domo, the Big Squid Predictive Toolkit is available to assist everyday business users understand forecasting in a way that is visually appealing and insightful, without the need for a full fledged statistician on staff. 

Ready to jumpstart your business with a smarter business intelligence solution? As a Domo certified partner, Big Squid is ready to help you and your team implement Domo in your organization, and gain insights like never before.


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Brooke Brown

Written by Brooke Brown

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